Common Gotchas

VIM Arrow Keys Don’t Work

You may notice that by default, VIM’s arrow keys don’t work on your computer. To fix this, add the following to your ~/.vimrc:

$ cat ~/.vimrc
set term=builtin_ansi

Sudo ‘Unable to Resolve Host’ Warning

You may notice that every time you run sudo something, your system complains that it cannot resolve it’s own hostname, but then continues on anyway. To fix this annoyance, you need to add your system’s hostname to /etc/hosts:

$ cat /etc/hosts localhost nova

Here, my machine is called ‘nova’.

Connecting to the Linux subsystem via SSH

In order to be able to ssh into your Linux subsystem instance follow the steps outlined by Master Azazel in this thread:

  1. sudo apt-get remove openssh-server
  2. sudo apt-get install openssh-server
  3. sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config and disallow root login by setting PermitRootLogin no
  4. Then add a line beneath it that says: AllowUsers yourusername and make sure PasswordAuthentication is set to yes if you want to login using a password.
  5. Disable privilege separation by adding/modifying : UsePrivilegeSeparation no
  6. sudo service ssh --full-restart
  7. Connect to your Linux subsystem from Windows using a ssh client like PuTTY.